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Vietnam Trench Gun Bayonet Adapter Stevens 77E RARE

Submitted by on April 12, 2010 – 1:54 pm

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Vietnam Trench Gun Bayonet Adapter Stevens 77E RARE Picture and Description:

 80971303825255510 Vietnam Trench Gun Bayonet Adapter Stevens 77E RARE

Vietnam Trench Gun Bayonet Adapter Stevens 77E RARE * * * SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES * * * This is an extremely rare Vietnam era trench gun heat shield / bayonet adapter made for a trench prototype of the Stevens M77E Riot Shotgun. Made from a WWII era Winchester "W" marked trench gun bayo adapter, it was modified to accept the US M5 Bayonet ( Korean era M1 Garand bayonet similar to the M7) instead of the M1917 Bayonet used on standard Remington, Winchester, and older Stevens Trench Shotguns. Although officially the M77E was issued as a "Riot Gun" ( no heat shield or bayonet adapter ) there are numerous references on discussion boards to armours either seeing or modifying these bayo adapters to the 77E. More importantly an American Rifleman article on the Stevens M77E stated " A very small number of prototype M77E trench guns (riot guns fitted with bayonet adapters) were procured, but few, if any, were issued". ( additional text below ) This adapter is in excellent condition. Its made from an original Winchester 4 row 19 hole adapter. Both the adapter and shield has most its original and modified blueing, with just a few bits of pitting only on the shield. The adapter portion is stamped "W" on the rear left hand side. Has its 3 original bolts and front brass bead sight. The under clamp seam is a little buggered.You can see some tool marks from the modificatons, but everything was neatly done. The modifications were : a) The round front M1917 lug removed and drilled to accept the small guard lug on the M5 bayonet. b) The original long rear "leg" was shortened and milled to accept the smaller M5 "T" shaped bayonet lug. I've matched this up to original WWI and WWI Winchester adapters and it looks legit. I do not believe this to be modified repo. This is a very rare and unusual find. Ready to take your Vietnam Stevens M77E to the next level. As always COURTEOUS emails with any thoughts, opinions, or corrections are welcome. See pics for best judgement of condition. Happy to send additional pics or answer any questions. Please make sure to ask before bidding. Additional text from American Rifleman article :To supplement the Ithaca Model 37 riot guns, the government contracted with the Stevens Arms Co. around 1963 for a riot gun version of its slide-action shotgun, designated as the M77E. The M77E shotguns had 20" barrels and were marked "US." on the receivers with small "p" proof marks on the barrels and receivers. The guns were Parkerized, and the wooden stocks were fitted with rubber buttpads. Most of the stocks were noticeably shorter than standard U.S. shotgun stocks to accommodate our typically smaller-statured South Vietnamese allies. The M77E was the first United States combat shotgun equipped with a rubber recoil pad. The M77E was also fitted with sling swivels. Early examples had the front swivel mounted on a band affixed to the barrel and later guns had the front swivel attached to the magazine plug base. Unlike the Ithaca M37, the M77E was a conventional slide-action shotgun design with an ejection port on the receiver's right side. With more than 50,000 M77E riot guns manufactured, the Stevens M77E was the most widely used shotgun of the Vietnam War. It generally gave satisfactory service but proved to be a bit less reliable and durable than the Ithaca M37. The attachment of the buttstock to the receiver was rather weak and resulted in a number of guns being broken. The M77E riot guns were issued to U.S. Army and Marine military personnel as well as to some South Vietnamese troops. In addition to the M77E, a fairly small number of Stevens 69R riot guns was purchased by the government in the late 1960s. The 69R was similar in design and performance to the M77E, but it saw only a modicum of use as compared to the much more widely issued M77E. A very small number of prototype M77E trench guns (riot guns fitted with bayonet adapters) were procured, but few, if any, were issued. The standard riot gun version of the Stevens M77E along with the Ithaca M37 were the most commonly issued combat shotguns of the Vietnam War. * This is just one of hundreds of old military parts recently picked up at auction. Parts include locks, hammers, trigger guards, butt plates, barrel bands, sights, bayonets, carbine rings, etc. from many rare and early rifles and muskets such as Halls, Harpers Ferry, Mississippi, Lorenz, Sharps, Spencer, Springfield, Enfield, Trapdoors, Krags, 1903, 1917, Garands, and more. I will be listing these and other militaria over the next few weeks. Keep watching.... I have a huge amount of vintage militaria, sporting, hunting, shooting, western, and historical collectibles. 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