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PVS-3 US Army Night Vision Scope

Submitted by on October 13, 2010 – 8:57 pm

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PVS-3 US Army Night Vision Scope Picture and Description:

 180612005294797570 PVS 3 US Army Night Vision Scope

Genuine US ARMY issue MX8201A/PVS-3 Night Vision Scope. This is a rare scope that isn't seen very often, it looks great, with minimal wear on its surfaces. The scope has had the image intensifier tube removed for troubleshooting and disposed of. I had an NVG tech open the scope and remove the tube. We were hoping the high voltage power supply was bad, but no such luck. The tube was inop and not repairable. That means that the scope is not operational. I was going to search for a replacement tube or retrofit another style of tube into the scope, but have lost interest. The on/off switch has some internal corrosion and will need a replacement. I will send a milspec replacement switch if you want to swap it out, but it looks good from the outside if you want a display piece. The optics and rubber eye-cup are in excellent+ condition and look like the scope has been cased for 30 years. It comes with the original plastic carrying case, which has a couple cracks in it. The mounts needed to attach the scope to an M16a1 are included with the kit. They are in excellent condition. I would guess that the scope is around 1967 +/- a bit. It looks like they came out with a PVS-3A that was addressed in a 1967 manual I googled, so I imagine this is the first version (since it's a PVS-3). This piece would look great in any war museum or in a Vietnam era collection. This type of scope has gone for $390 on another site; it's a nice piece & is worth a bid for parts alone. This is still a night vision device and can only be shipped within the USA. Thanks for looking!On Oct-11-10 at 16:38:01 PDT, seller added the following information: Revised: I found the inoperative Image Intensifier! It was disassembled for troubleshooting and will be included! See picture. I also found a box of original batteries from 1988. They have the green "tray" w/ 2 cells. There's some white fuzz on them....they are likely dead. If you want to put new cells in the tray, it looks like it could be done.

 180612005294797571 PVS 3 US Army Night Vision Scope
 180612005294797572 PVS 3 US Army Night Vision Scope
 180612005294797573 PVS 3 US Army Night Vision Scope