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Full unopened case Vietnam era C Rations

Submitted by on July 17, 2010 – 12:06 pm

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Full unopened case Vietnam era C Rations Picture and Description:

 120053004465849850 Full unopened case Vietnam era C Rations

For your bidding pleasure today, one never opened case of Vietnam era C Rations. This one is "lot 31, packed December 1972". These were found in a local basement and have, according to the heirs, "been there forever". I have not opened them, and will not, as some collectors are very much appreciative of the fact that the original factory binding wire is intact. And many of you will never open the box but keep it intact. HOWEVER, for those of you who are going to open it, it is obvious that some of the cans have leaked as there is evidence of this on the exterior of the box (see photo) on the corner. Historically this is usually the main meal or fruit, anything with a liquid. This case is not as bad as some I have sold but there has obviously been a leak. So, here is my guarantee; There will be damaged individual boxes inside, GUARANTEED. And some cans will be rusted and useless. The plastic wrapped items (cigarettes spoon ect.) B-2's and bread may be ok (usually) but...... Having said that please know this is sold 100% as-is, with no refunds or "adjustments" later. If you cannot afford to purchase under these conditions, please do not bid and win and complain later! This is a true buyer beware - buyer surprise purchase. Of course for those of you purchasing to display as is and not caring much about the interior contents, bid on! PayPal prefered but checks are OK too. Free FedEx ground shipping anywhere in the U.S. (typically about $30 as they are heavy). I will not ship it internationally. Californians pay 8,75% sales tax.

 120053004465849851 Full unopened case Vietnam era C Rations